Get in shape with Ônne

Get in shape with Ônne

Ready for the arrival of September?

Under the message 'empowering women', Ônne launches a sports collection where comfort and style go hand in hand. Are you a committed runner? Are you in love with yoga? Or do you prefer dancing to the rhythm of Zumba classes? Whatever your choice, the new Ônne activewear line has all the items you need to feel beautiful and train in comfort. September is just around the corner, there's no excuse...


Train non stop!

This is sure to be the month in which the popularity of the gym takes off so much that it becomes almost impossible to find a place where you can get in shape. Here at Ônne we don't want you to give up trying, we want to make it easy for you, so we suggest you get your fitness fix with your mobile. We want to show you that time, laziness or lack of budget are no excuse: you only need your smartphone and an Ônne Activewear outfit to look better than ever.


 Ready for action!



In fact, if you don't feel like going to the gym, why not train anywhere? We suggest you put your mind in fitness mode and join the people exercising at home, in the park, on the beach or even in the street. Not feeling motivated? That's because you don't know @angiemilano, our muse. As well as being a model, she's a self-love and mindset advisor and she sends us these wonderful training sessions. Plus, the loyal followers of her guidelines and routines include numerous influencers and fashion experts. Her strong point: as well as her exercises, which you can do every day, she offers lots of motivating tips to get you back to your best shape. The latest? Share the workouts with all of you so you can get fit in any space, they're pure inspiration. Just go to Ônne's profile on Instagram or YouTube and don't look for any more excuses. Hit play again!

All the routines that Angie has included in the videos are specific workouts for whatever part of the body you want to train, they couldn't be more inspiring! We've been following her advice, and we've already started. We've been watching her and... we'll let you know!

One of the workouts we've been most impressed by and we're happy to say we're big fans of are her glute exercises. If you're thinking of wearing that miniskirt with ankle boots in the autumn, it's time to get full-on with them. You've got twenty minutes a day to give it your all. There are eight exercises of 30 seconds each, without resting in between, in two rounds and with a recovery of one minute between rounds. You won't find anything like it to tone and achieve 10 out of 10 glutes!

But don't forget to activate your glutes before your workouts; it's the largest and most powerful muscle group in the human body and it's very important to warm them up so you can focus the workouts well and isolate the muscles. We suggest five:

1.Glutes bridge: strong recruitment of gluteal and erector spinae muscle fibers.

2.Gluteal bridge with mini-bands and hip abduction: keeping the hip in extension, perform a hip opening but don't allow your hips to drop.

3.Hip abduction from side lying position.

4.Stride back with resistance band: an excellent exercise to activate the gluteus medius and knee valgus corrector.

5.Core stabilization and activation with resistance band: transverse, obliques, glutes.




And when you finish training, don't ever skip stretching so you avoid injuries.


Sitting or standing, cross one leg over the other and bend the trunk so you're trying to bring your body closer to your leg. One shoulder should come toward the knee and the other shoulder toward the ankle of the bent leg.


Lying on your back, grab one foot and roll toward the ground trying not to twist the rest of your body. This movement stretches the entire posterolateral muscle chain of the leg, including the entire gluteal fascia.


Sit cross-legged and try to tuck yourself in as much as possible by bringing your knee closer to your body. Use the opposite arm to help yourself bring the leg towards the torso and make the stretch more intense.