Lady Di

Lady Di would have loved these Ônne shorts

A muse to designers and a trend-setter, Lady Di was not only a princess, but an icon. These shorts would have fit into her wardrobe perfectly.
In 1995, it was already well known that the Princess Diana of Wales had suffered (almost) every heartache imaginable throughout her marriage to Charles of England, from whom she had been separated almost three years at this point. Diana spoke her mind on television without asking the permission of the Windsor family, and made more than one incendiary statement. That famous interview marked a before and after in her life. The early years of the '90s were especially difficult, with her separation now confirmed and all of the details of her husband's infidelity at the center of the high-profile scandal. Years earlier, a black dress designed by Christina Stambolian that was extremely short (for her) established Lady Di as an irreverent style icon. She was ahead of the times with looks that we consider the hottest fashion trends today. One of them? Bike shorts. Our apologies to Kim Kardashian, but Diana was photographed in short leggings back in the nineties. This photo from November 1995 was taken exactly 25 years ago.
November 1995, London

In fact, Lady Di was photographed many times wearing outfits consisting of colorful athletic leggings, baggy sweatshirts and sneakers. Between 1995 and 1997, the paparazzi often caught her leaving her athletic club or walking in the London neighborhood of Chelsea. Diana elevated the shorts, taken from cyclists' regulation uniform, to give them a new life beyond the roads. Her style secret? Combine them with oversize sweatshirts and above ankle-length socks. 


There are more options that go beyond the classic black elastic athletic shorts. Ônne has various models that, thanks to their elegant design, can be put together perfectly for everyday looks, combined not only with an oversize sweatshirt, but also with a jean jacket or even a blazer. The complete line of activewear includes a total of six options of leggings, both long and short, in black, white, nude, gray-blue, and Marsala wine. 

August 1998, London

We opt for calming tones away from the dizzying and patterned designs that dominate the activewear universe. This way, the pieces can easily be combined together, offering a wide variety of options to create attractive sporty outfits that can also be shown off outside of the gym. Check out and embrace bike shorts in 2020, just like Diana did almost three decades ago.