Customer care


Where can I see where my orders is or if it has been sent?
You can check the status of your order with your order number ONNE1234, by entering this data in SEUR will also send an email to let you know when you will receive your order, and an email as soon as it has been sent on the day in question.
How long does my order take?
Spain peninsula: 24/48 hrs Spain Balearic Islands: 72 hours - 4 days Europe: 4-7 days
What countries do we send to?
Germany, Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands), Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.
What are the cares for the bikini (washing,drying...)?
Hand wash without rubbing with neutral soap and cold water. Do not iron. Do not dry. Air dry, preferably on a flat surface.
Do the bras have padding or padding?
The Tupai and Neira models, if reinforced with foam, the rest of the models are only composed of fabric and lining.
Are the swimsuits adjustable?
Onne's bikinis are generally not adjustable, Uki, Maui, Tahiti and Tupai models are adjustable straps. TOPS: The tops are adjustable, the Tupai, Uki, Tahiti, Kaia (one size fits all) and Noriti models It is recommended that you check the Size Guide to see which width is right for you, and therefore which size is ideal. BOTTOM: They're all very elastic, especially the Crinkle finishes. They are not adjustable straps, except for the MAUI model ONE PIECE: One piece swimwear adjusts to the width of the back, but does not adjust the straps and is not adjustable on the hips either.
Is it normal to vary the size of the swimsuit from one model to another?
It is logical and normal, we have diversity of models and each one has a very different pattern, there are models that have been designed in their most mini version like Palmyra, Birnie or Maura, for example, that is why in these models the size has been extended to XL. In the Size Guide you will find all the necessary information in cm or garment size. If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we will help you choose the one that best suits you.
Is the bottom model with the crinckle finish smaller?
Visually yes compared to plain and rib, but in size it is the same as indicated in the size guide.
Which models are normal and which are small models?
In the regular size, if you usually buy an S, that's your size. In small sizes, you'll have to take the larger size, i.e. an M. Top: - Normal size: Banaba, Neira, Maurice, Kaia, Tupai, Tarawa, Uki, Noriti, Beonne Top, Maupiti, Tahiti - Small size: Palmyra Bottom: - Normal size: Leyte, Nassau, Kuria, Fiji, Maui, Rapa Nui, Beonne Tall, Beonne Slim - Small size: Birnie, Ellice, Maura
What's the difference between crinkle, rib and plain?
Mainly the texture. The Plain is a smooth rash guard, the Rib is a ribbed rash guard and the Crinkle is a micro wrinkled and very elastic texture.