Get-the-Look! Copy Dua Lipa and leave your bra on view too

Get-the-Look! Copy Dua Lipa and leave your bra on view too

The performer of “New Rules” joins one of the hits making headlines this summer: lingerie tops are taking center stageonista. 

She has been described as "the Madonna of Generation Z", one of the most multifaceted and active stars on today's pop scene. We're talking about Dua Lipa, the 24-year-old Briton who has conquered the global scene with just two albums. The critics respect her, audiences follow her closely and, off stage, her looks become the most applauded by the specialist press.

The image that accompanies the also model and composer is absolutely unique and her sporty, chic style seems to have conquered everyone. The singer mixes the most modern pieces with elements typical of nineties imaginary, like slip dresses, total denim outfits or tiny glasses that's never lacking in her looks. So what's the latest nineties trend she's joining in with? It's the one that leaves lingerie tops on display.

It's just possible that the artist knows that the 90s have become the most inspiring decade of spring 2020. And, it was precisely at that time that we could see some of the most iconic bras: like the ones worn (whenever they had the chance) by Mel C and Mel B, the ex-Spice Girls; or the one that Jean Paul Gaultier created with conical cups for Madonna, or the one that Britney Spears showed off in the schoolgirl look on the video clip for “Baby One More Time”.

Now, the performer of “New Rules” updates the concept of leaving underwear in view and shows how easy it is to introduce a bralette as a summer staple. If your idea is to highlight your cleavage, you should get one similar to Lipa's, like the ones we suggest in Ônne Swimwear, vintage-inspired and evoking traditional corsetry designs. We're opting for a beach-to-bar collection, with a fabric similar to ribbed knit, created with the intention of being used not only for bathing but for everyday life too.

The 'Physical' singer shows off a trend that's also worn by other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, the Hadid sisters and Emily Ratajkowski. They all agree that whether it’s glimpsed underneath a half-open shirt or whether it's worn over a shirt, the bra is this season's new star item.